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Business leader impact. Strategenic Momentum for business growth London

How to increase your impact as a business leader now

Do your peers and staff trust you and follow your business leadership? Or are they hesitant to move forward so that progress is slow? Are you frustrated that the business is not aligned, not delivering the results it should be? Is now the time to change all that? Over and over I see business leaders […]

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Effective communication. Strategenic Momentum for business growth London

How the masters double sales by effective communication with their contacts

Let’s be honest. You know you need effective communication to build a relationship with your customers and prospects but……. It takes so much time and you’re not really sure how to get the results you want. I understand. It’s a challenge. So, how can you use your limited time to increasingly convert acquaintances into good prospects […]

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Customer engagement. Strategenic Momentum for business growth London

Do your customers feel ignored?

No business intentionally ignores its customers. In fact, most managers think they do a reasonably good job of listening. But, if a customer feels ignored, big trouble lies ahead. Customer engagement is essential to business success. The pain of being ignored Naomi Eisenberger undertook a neuroscience research project to explore what goes on in people’s brains […]

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Increase sales. Strategenic Momentum for business growth London

How I helped a client to increase sales by 287% in three months flat

Does it frustrate you that your business is not doing better than it is? That you have not managed to increase sales as much as you feel you should? Do you wake up in the night wondering why not? Well your business undoubtedly has the potential to increase sales considerably…… and it can be soul destroying […]

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Trust drives sales and profit. Strategenic Momentum for business growth London

Why sales and profit die without trust

We all know there’s no single magic key to increase sales and profit successfully in business. So, how is it that some firms increase sales and profit so powerfully, year after year? Is your business doing that? If not, could trust be the missing element? Why profit and sales pass away without trust? I was talking […]

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Value proposition. Strategenic Momentum for business growth London

Value proposition: 5 steps to attract customers like bees to honey

Is consistent growth realistic in this market? Is your value proposition really working for your business? If you’re reading this, I guess you like the idea of more customers. A large number of additional customers who enjoy your products and services so much that they come back time after time. Customers that spread the word virally, […]

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Business strategy. Strategenic Momentum for business growth London

What is business strategy and why is it essential to business success?

Each time I work with clients, even large companies, they ask me “What really is business strategy and why is it important to business success?” The problem is that people use the term incorrectly all the time and so everyone has become confused and that confusion gets inh te way of business success. Definition of business strategy […]

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