An employee said: “Our company is just bobbing along, going nowhere fast. We have lost business momentum.” This comment really resonated with me because it seems to describe so many firms.

Are you happy with your business results?

2,921 companies in the UK alone grew at 15% or more over each of the past 3 years. Many are in tough industries including construction, manufacturing, property, training and retail. We can tell you many stories about these companies because we have spent the last 20 years studying them. So we have understood what allows them to outstrip the rest of their market – time after time.

3 steps to build business momentum for growth this year

Just like the man said, most companies have no momentum. They simply keep afloat.
Yet 2,921 firms are driving powerful forward momentum.

They know their power comes from their people. A business is like an army. Whatever your situation, if you harness that power, you can win.

Step 1.     A vividly clear destination

To build business momentum your whole company needs to know where it is headed. A business “vision” in its normal sense is useless. What we are talking about here requires time spent out of the office, doing something unusual for business – visualising what the future will hold. Your aim will be to create such a vivid picture of your destination that the whole organisation can literally step into it.

  • So it inspires you so much you talk about it all the time….
  • Your staff become really excited about it….
  • You start to see everyones’ behaviour changing….

Then you have got it. This inspired destination will align your forces like nothing else and your results will soon start to improve.

Step 2.   Beam out like a lighthouse

Consider telco firms you might use. If you removed their logos could you tell one from the rest? Banks, hotel chains or any other industry- do any of them stand out? I have news for you. Customers find it just as hard to tell suppliers apart in your industry.

Now imagine you understood your customers so well you feel their pain…. The 2,921 companies are not only able to do this. They beam out like lighthouses because they took the time to solve their customers problems.

Apple is a great example. They found that computers, while useful, were clunky and not that easy to use. For years they struggled to find a better way- to make beautiful products that were really easy to use. The result- just last year Apple grew from $108bn to $156bn with 43.9% gross margin.

It is not easy to become a lighthouse but, if you choose to do so, you will build powerful business momentum and that will the best gift. For more detail about how to do this click here.

Step 3: Develop top-level thinking

The 2,921 do not think the way most businesses think. They are far more focused. They train their people to think at a higher level. They empower them to become impressive in their own right. Every initiative is planned to ensure success.

As a result their employees:

  • Have strong confidence in the business’ future
  • Are proud to add value to others’ lives
  • Feel lucky to have such a great career opportunity

These employees no longer bob along in their jobs. They engage fully. Then they commit to ensuring the business destination becomes reality. Now you will have created an unstoppable army and impressive business momentum.

Here’s to your results this year. So when will you start?

Would you like help to make faster progress?  Just six sessions of 1:1 coaching could do that.

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