Do your peers and staff trust you and follow your business leadership?
Or are they hesitant to move forward so that progress is slow?
Are you frustrated that the business is not aligned, not delivering the results it should be?
Is now the time to change all that?

Over and over I see business leaders frustrated because their firm is not making the progress they desire.
They are missing excellent opportunities. Strangely though it often seems that they are waiting for someone to
give them permission to provide the leadership their company needs.

Do you recognise either of these examples?:

  1. Managing Director decided where he wanted to take the business then, listening to clients, peers and employees each step along the way, he fearlessly removed each barrier in order to create the company in his vision
  2. Another Managing Director who, one year later was still unsure where she wanted to take the business and, when guided to do so, still seemed to look for someone else to take ownership.

So, be honest now – which of these two examples are you behaving most like today?
You are more than capable of becoming the business leader you want to be – of achieving whatever you set your heart on.

8 steps to be seen as the business leader you want to be

For over 20 years I have tracked companies that consistently outperform the rest of their industry. Their leaders share certain characteristics.

Follow these simple 8 steps and you will quickly enjoy the progress you desire:

  1. Define what you want your business achieve. Take the time to paint a picture that inspires you. Better still, guide your leadership team to do this together – or employ a good facilitator to guide you so that you all align, committing fully to making the vision reality.
  2. Discuss that vision with your peers and staff. Really hear their feedback. Their insights will help you. Remember, until people feel heard, they will not trust you to lead them.
  3. Then objectively stand back and ask yourself – what characteristics, behaviour, skills and focus would the business leader who delivered number 1 have? Make a list.
  4. List five examples of things you have achieved that you are proud of.
    (This step is essential so make time to do it and enjoy thinking about your success. Have fun with it. The examples can be big or small.)
  5. Immediately after you complete number 3. compare your behaviour today – alongside each relevant characteristic from your answer to 2.
  6. Highlight the areas where you are strong. Feel good about these – these are your inherent abilities. Use them as a springboard.
  7. Pinpoint the top two or three areas where you wish to close the gap (or you may prefer to outsource certain tasks to people who are naturally strong in those areas. Being a leader is about surrounding yourself with the right team, not about having all the answers yourself.)
  8. Now visualise yourself being that business leader. Visualisation is incredibly powerful because your mind cannot tell the difference between reality and imagination. So, once you see a picture in your mind, your brain will start to work out how to replicate it. Notice how good it feels as you see yourself and your business at your very best, enjoying the success you deserve. Do this daily.

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