Does it frustrate you that your business is not doing better than it is? That you have not managed to increase sales as much as you feel you should?

Do you wake up in the night wondering why not?

Well your business undoubtedly has the potential to increase sales considerably…… and it can be soul destroying when you’re not hitting your targets.

Yet it is simply a case of creating an environment in which your sales team can flourish……

Their reservations nearly stopped me helping them

About three years ago I was approached by a creative agency (the name is confidential). Their Board of Directors had told them that they needed to get really clear about their business strategy for the next five years. The CEO was unconvinced but he started to look around to see if anyone was good enough to help them. They were doing ok but:

  • Far too much of their business was with one customer
  • There were some big questions about the business that were unclear
  • Sales growth was ok but far from explosive

Just like most companies I come across, the CEO thought his leadership team was working well and that the company direction was clear. Despite his reservations, he eventually asked me to facilitate an initial session with his Board of Directors and leadership team. The results were so good that that led to several more workshops.

Taking the brakes off to increase sales

They developed a vivid picture of exactly where they wanted to take the company. It inspired them so much that it was great to see. Their heated discussions about the key strategic options open to them brought laser clarity about where they would focus their efforts e.g.

  • Winning the sort of clients they most enjoyed working with
  • Developing their ability to design product ideas and turn them into actual products

It became blisteringly clear that the company had to address the frighteningly high percentage of sales coming from one company. The laser clarity had a wonderful effect. Business sales took off like a rocket! I have guided numerous businesses to increase sales over time, yet the impact of these strategy sessions on the client took even me by surprise. It was as if their tethers had been cut. When I came back for a follow up discussion less than three months later, they informed me that sales (and profit) had increased by 287%!

Inspiration and clarity unleashes your power

The phenomenal excitement in their eyes was undoubtedly one of the reasons behind their rocket like success. Those few strategy sessions had:

  • Multiplied their passion for the business
  • Aligned the leadership team and whole company so well that they pulled together like never before – for an article that explains how to do that click here
  • Brought them such simple clarity about how to make the best progress and which barriers had to be crossed that it was like taking the brakes off

However well I lead strategy sessions, customers often take my breath away.

If you would like your business to enjoy increased sales call me on 0207 0604 006 and I will help you clarify your best way forward.

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