Businesses are growing- Is yours?

I never imagined that Apple would overtake Microsoft in market value. Did you? Their market share was far too small. Now it looks like they are about to pass them on revenue too!*

In this economy, where everyone says it is hard to increase revenue, Apple has grown at over 37% each quarter – for the past 11 quarters. What is more, they are doing it in a way that many “business experts” would advise against – playing in 3 huge markets – with the Mac (4% of the computer market); the iphone (14% of the smart phone market) and the iPad (the 1st entrant).**

Then there is You would have thought the business card market was saturated. But like Apple, adds unusual value – “The ability to have 100 unique cards in a run of 100 has been fantastic for us,” said one client. They promise “no muss and no fuss.” As a result, while most printing companies are struggling, has expanded internationally and printed 10 million mini cards. Though they only started in 2006, when you pull out a “moo” card today, they are a major talking point.

Their vision and focus is laser clear: “WE LOVE TO PRINT”. You can actually ‘feel’ how different the company is.

If can make business cards so compelling, what can you do with your business?

Forget all the doom and gloom. People are out there making it work. A small but significant number of businesses are growing beautifully. Though consumers are spending less, certain restaurants and pubs are heaving. Elsewhere, a small search engine optimisation company I know offers such compelling value that they are growing superbly. I could cite many more examples.

If anyone tells you to batten down and ride out the storm until things improve – ignore them. It is bad advice. This market situation is a gift– you can use it to grow your business.

Why are most companies not growing?

There is clearly less money to go around at the moment so buyers are more choosy. There is one simple reason why most companies are not increasing revenue:

Customers cannot see WHY they should buy from these companies!

The value they provide is not nearly as clear as the price tag. They look too similar– customers cannot tell one supplier from the other.

Compare this with why Apple and others are doing so well!

  • Their leadership teams are not only clear about where they’re going– they are inspired by it
  • Over the years they have finally learnt how to put their finger on the pulse of what customers will buy
  • They use that insight to overtake their competition– by miles!

The value they offer their customers is blatantly clear; their difference oozes from every pore and the forward momentum is so attractive that everyone wants to be part of it.

Isn’t it time for your company to enjoy results like Apple’s?

So will you continue to suffer, like most companies, with minimal revenue growth, or will you join the likes of Apple and

You can make the change today. It is simply about your mindset. You have the ability to create a business that is the talk of the town. It is not hard. It is simply about deciding to be different instead of following the pack like most companies.

When we work with clients on this area, their energy levels are incredible– they talk about “reigniting enthusiasm and passion”….“making more money “…”launching new businesses to the world.”

When you are truly inspired about creating a successful business and have total clarity about where you are headed, the how seems easy. This is the way to enjoy success like Apple and

What will you do now to get the clarity you need? When you have decided, do let me know.

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*Andy Zaky, FortuneTech contributor July 21 2010
**Philip Elmer-DeWitt, FortuneTech August 9 2010

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