Are you a fast growing company?

I’m fascinated. While most companies say there is hope of growth, a few are soaring. I have been watching these fast growing companies like a hawk, to understand what they are doing that is working so well. They are inspirational. I have dubbed them “The One Percent”.

The One Percent Companies

For instance, a small Devon based firm that simply manufactures lights (PhotonStar) is seeing explosive growth. Another business (Bybox), which provides boxes for engineers and sales people to store supplies en route, is also growing fast.

There are also great examples of large fast growing companies. Apple’s business model is still designed intelligently around its customers’ needs. See “Why Apple’s revenues grow nearly 3 times faster than its expenses.” As a result, a few years ago, when most shops charged their lowest ever prices this Christmas, Apple was on track to sell 1.26million IPADS- at £426 a time!

Then there is Ford. During the recession Alan Mulally turned the business around. Now it is being heralded as a superb example of business growth. Peter Newcomb’s article, “Businessperson of the Year – Rising from the recession”, states that Alan has taken “Ford from near bankruptcy to a global leadership position…(by) emphasising the critical ingredients that make a Ford a Ford.”

Having avidly watched these fast growing companies for the last 20 years, it is hard to believe that the economy is tough. They are so inspiring. So how do they do it?

3 Steps to Becoming a fast growing company

I see a consistent message across the firms I work with and these equally impressive companies, it is this:

Their visionary focus inspires and aligns their people powerfully. They are different. They stand for something.

They are doggedly focused on discovering what their customers most need. For instance, PhotonStar allows supermarkets and hotels to reduce lighting bills by 89%… and to meet their CO2 emission targets.

As a result, these firms turn their people into a powerhouse of enthusiasm, productivity and loyalty. No wonder they are unstoppable!

What will you do to turn your company into a fast growing company? Do please tell me below.

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