How to Smash Staff Performance Levels and Productivity

Business leaders are asking: “How can I improve productivity? How can I get my people to achieve more – to do more without increasing costs?”
The problem is that the dynamic is wrong. Staff mainly come to work to pay the bills. Teams that achieve outstanding business results are very different…. you need start by building staff performance.

A team that inspires

The Red Arrows air display team is a great analogy:

  • 9 red planes flying in impressive alignment
  • A vision so powerful that every member of the flight and ground team achieves better results than they thought possible!

Did you know that they exceed the performance levels of all the other flying teams, breaking their own standards year after year?

Business teams waste effort

Leaders often have slightly different agendas. As a result, their teams pull in different directions. Marketing annoy Sales; Technical teams are suspicious of business people … and so it goes on.

This is accepted business practice the world over. It achieves mediocre productivity.

Staff performance to improve productivity

Can you picture your company flying like the Red Arrows?

With your leadership team so inspired that everyone in the business ‘gets’ their vision – and is proud to be part of something so unusually good? A company where each leader is so excited about what the business stands for that they cannot but walk their talk?

As a result:

  • The leadership team is aligned
  • Their teams are aligned and powering forward
  • Staff performance is second to none
  • Productivity soars

Apple is achieving this – and their valuation is now higher than Microsoft’s! A hotel chain in the US, ACE, is doing this and growing incredibly fast. Click here to read more about them.

Is your business flying in formation and growing fast?

2 steps for you to take:

Of course you want more revenue and profit. Yet focusing just on money will never unleash even half of what your people can really achieve!

1. Create a vision that aligns your people and brings out the incredible best in them – one that gives them a purpose, capturing their imagination, so they wake up each morning determined to make it a reality. That is an essential first step to achieving excellent staff performance.

2. Design an environment where they see their efforts really are valued and that they are making a difference.

Then your staff performance will build and your business results will improve out of all recognition.

What examples have you seen of excellent staff performance and productivity? I would love to hear about them.

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